How it Works!

User Registration
Registering Click the Register Button to create your new account. You will be asked for a login name, password, email address, and captcha code if it is enabled. If enabled by the admin, you may have to confirm your email address by clicking on a link that will be sent to you, so be sure to use a real email address. Once your account is activated, you can then login to add your site.
Add Your Site If you are logged in, you can click the Add Your Site button to add your first website. You will need the name of your site, the URL eg:, and a description of your site. Also, you can add a URL to a banner for your site eg: The image the URL points to should be 468x60 pixels. If enabled, you will have to wait for your site to be approved by the admin. Once approved, it will then show on the list of sites.
User Panel From the user panel you can edit your profile, edit your sites, get voting code, see stats for your sites, and delete them if you wish.
Voting Code Once your site has been added to the Topsite, you will want to add the vote code to your site so that your users can vote. The more votes your site gets, the more other people will want to check it out. So you should put the code where it will be visible and clicked on the most. From the User Panel, click the Voting Code link. This will take you to a page with a few options. Choose which vote link style you would like and copy the code. Then past the code into the HTML of your site, wherever you would like the button to showup. Then when one of your users clicks the link, they will be brought to the Topsite and thier vote will be recorded. Individual IPs can only vote once per day, so your users won't need to vote more than that.
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